Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little

Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little by Peggy Gifford
We picked this book up because The Girl hates Stuart Little. To be fair to Stuart Little, she hates all mice in children's fiction. We don't know why this is so, but it is. "Why, Mommy? Why mice? I just don't get it and I don't want to read about mice that talk and do people stuff." As you can may know, this automatically disqualifies some pretty terrific fiction.
It turns out that Moxy does not hate Stuart Little as much as my daughter does. But Moxy does have a procrastination problem. This hilariously funny book is a must read for procrastinators. The author uses chapter titles and chapter length to great comic effect. It is a very fun (and speedy) read aloud for you and your 3rd or 4th grader.
Target Age: 7-12 years

Moxy Maxwell does not love writing thank-you notes, by Peggy Gifford
Sophie Hartley on Strike, by Stephanie Greene
Honest Ashley, by Virginia L. Kroll

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