Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Den is a Bed for a Bear, by Becky Baines

A Den is a Bed for a Bear, by Becky Baines
This engaging book presents simple facts about hibernation. The rhyming text provides straight-forward facts with few challenging vocabulary words, making this perfect for new readers. Additional details are provided in smaller type scattered around the page. The kid-friendly design features cut-out photographs of bears and their dens, arranged on the page amidst line drawings. Arrows with a hand drawn look direct captions to their corresponding photos. The overall effect is that of a scrapbook. The rhyme and rhythm are similar to those of Mary Ann Hoberman’s A House is a House for Me. This would be an excellent introduction to the concept of hibernation or paired with Hoberman’s work for an introduction to homes.
Target age: 3-6 years

A House is a House for Me, by Mary Ann Hoberman
Old Bear, by Kevin Henkes

This review was originally published in the Kutztown Book Review, Fall 2010.

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